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You need to meet the eligibility requirements before you can apply. The application must be filled out with your landlord. Check out the Eligibility Section first. … READ MORE …

Step 1:

Click here to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.

Step 2 :

If you are eligible, print the following forms. Give the landlord forms to your landlord

Step 3:

Find paystubs or income statements for January 2020 until the date of your application. Make a copy of your lease if you have one or other supporting documents.

Step 4:

Scan all the documents, then email them as one PDF, by clicking the email button below. All documents must be submitted in one email to ensure that your application is processed timely.

If you mail the application DO NOT STAPLE IT and use a large manilla envelope.

You can mail the application to:


P.O. Box 5146

Johnstown Pa. 15904

Click Here To Download Documents

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